Pagoda Centurion: The Best Place to Stay for a Relaxing Staycation in Mussoorie

Staycations are getting more and more popular everyday. More people are now realizing that the cure to a stressful and hectic work life filled with deadlines is not a stressful and hectic personal life filled with travel but a carefree and peaceful downtime filled with a whole lot of doing nothing.

The whole idea of a staycation is to take a vacation from the stresses and banalities of everyday life. It is a form of rigorously enforced personal time, hopefully in a new and different location, where mundane hassles are far away and the pleasant surroundings only add to the restorative properties of “downtime” or “me time.”

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If you are looking for a place for a fulfilling staycation, might we suggest a resort town that is specifically designed for rest, rejuvenation and idle summer afternoons? This is Mussoorie, one of the most popular and most highly rated hill stations in India. Located just far away for a welcome change but still close enough for easy travel, it is the ideal place for a staycation.

Mussoorie is Connected and Close By

Only 7 hours from Delhi and 5 hours from Chandigarh, Mussoorie is easy to get to by car or bus. There are two main ways to get to Mussoorie. One is the Delhi-Sahranpur Road while the other is Highway 44. Whichever road you choose, it is best to drive slow and take and remember to stop wherever and whenever you feel like.

You can also go to Mussoorie by train or airplane but they will only take you as far as Dehradun. From there, you will travel the last 60 Kms by cab or bus. Once you reach Mussoorie, everything is pretty much within walking distance and rickshaws and cabs are easily available.

Mussoorie is Peaceful and Pristine

One of the main reasons why Mussoorie thrives as a hill station is because of its natural beauty. Its lush forests of Pine, Doedar, Cedar and Sal provide a soothing and inviting carpet of greenery while the clear skies and sometimes-misty clouds provide the perfect playground where one feels relaxed and satiated.

In fact, Mussoorie is so peaceful that some city folk get impatient and frustrated by the slow pace of life here. Seasoned travellers and vetted vacationers know that the town beats to rhythm that is slower, but somehow deeper and more profound. It is best to acclimatize yourself to the pace and groove of Mussoorie for a fulfilling time here.

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The hill town is also relatively well maintained and well organized. From the British, it has inherited an evolved and stringent way of doing things. All public work is codified and backed by tradition so that everything functions well with very few glitches and interruptions. This allows a calm and comfortable stay for staycationers seeking uninterrupted solace.

Mussoorie has plenty to See and So

After resting for a day or two and catching up on sleep, you may feel the urge to explore your surroundings. Luckily, Mussoorie offers a plethora of interesting places to see and explore. The main focal point of the town is the Mall Road, which is dotted with interesting shops and eateries.

But the Mall road is more than just a shopping center. It is also the nerve center of social life here. One can get the pulse of the community and also indulge in a variety of off beat activities, excursions and experiences. One can visit some of the famed beauty spots nearby such as Kempty Falls or Clouds End or go for enthralling adventure sports.

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However, a staycation is all about staying put and spending time with yourself, which is required for a healthy and happy countenance. Unless one can achieve a sufficient level of peace, the staycation can be a waste of time and even counterproductive. In this sleepy hill town, you will easily find peace without trying too hard.

Mussoorie is Homely and Hospitable

The overall vibe in Mussoorie is very welcoming and helpful. Since the town’s economy gains significantly from the inflow of tourists, the natives are very attuned to the needs of all manner of visitors and are ever ready to help out in case their assistance is required.

One of the best resorts in Mussoorie is the Pagoda Centurion. This is a luxurious and modern resort that has all the fixings for the perfect staycation in Mussoorie while cocooned in the lap of luxury. With amazing views, great food and arm service, the Pagoda Centurion is a pleasure to experience.

best place to stay in Mussoorie

The best part of the resort is that it is ideally located for quick excursions to interesting paces in and around Mussoorie. Whatever product, service or facility one needs, it is only a stone’s throw away. The enthusiastic and warm staff of the hotel is only too happy to oblige the staycationer.



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