Discover Romantic Places in Mussoorie for a Destination Wedding

Mussoorie is the quintessential hill station of India and holds a special place in many people’s hearts. It is an ideal place for a destination wedding because is a quaint and charming city where one can enjoy many benefits along with the main benefit of being away from the hustle and bustle of the city with a close circle in a festive setting. Mussoorie offers brisk mountain air, breathtaking views, lush forests and some iconic tourist attractions that are a pleasure to visit.


If you decide to host your destination wedding in Mussoorie, your guests will surely thank you as they can enjoy a mini vacation here while attending the wedding and enjoying the festivities. Away from the city, they will be in a relaxed and blissful state of mind, which will allow them to fully focus on the events and ceremonies at hand without annoying interruptions. Additionally, the new setting of Mussoorie will help create memories that last a lifetime.

Why host a Destination Wedding in Mussoorie 

When it comes to picking a suitable venue for your wedding, many factors come into play. While everyone’s situation and preferences are different, some aspects of getting married are universal. Looking at the most common and typical requirements, here are some of the main reasons why you should seriously consider Mussoorie as a top contender:

Close to Delhi: The best part of hosting a destination wedding or any such event in Mussoorie is its proximity to Delhi, Chandigarh and other north Indian cities. One can reach Mussoorie from Delhi in about 6 to 7 hours for a complete change in scenery and geography. The road trip is also quite fun and can be made easily by most guests. On the other hand, far away locations incur additional costs and take time, which can discourage people from attending.

 Good weather: The weather in Mussoorie is legendary and the air is very clear. For most city dwellers, this is itself the biggest luxury that they desire and they are more than happy to make a short trip to get it. There is also a nip to Mussoorie air that is both rejuvenating and allows people to don fashionable winter clothing that adds class and style to any event.

Hospitable Culture: For any visitor, the best part of Mussoorie is the culture that exists there. The natives here are intrinsically good-natured and welcoming as a community and since tourism is an important aspect of the economy, visitors are highly regarded and taken good care of. This makes it a great place to wander around and explore for guests from out of town.

destination wedding in mussoorie

 Good Resorts: Besides good weather, Mussoorie also has some remarkable resorts and hotels that are stunningly luxurious and well-designed. With plenty of land and interesting geography, many good resorts have come up here that rival even the best properties in the world. Amongst these properties, you have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a suitable place for the Destination Wedding of your dreams.

 Nearby attractions: There are a lot of interesting spots and tourist attractions in Mussoorie that one can visit to break the monotony and add charm to your visit. Sites such as Kempty Falls, Clouds End, Mall Road, Christ Church and George Evert’s House are well-known landmarks that are enjoyable to see and explore. Even if you have seen them before, every visit is memorable.

 A good venue in Mussoorie 

One new resort in Mussoorie that is ideal for Destination Weddings is The Pagoda Centurion Resort. Located amid a lush green forest, the Pagoda Centurion offers some stunning venues along with impeccable service and lavish rooms for wedding guests. Additionally, they have a team of Wedding Experts and Party planners who make every event a grand affair.

Mussoorie Resorts packages

 The location of Pagoda also allows guests to visit nearby tourist attractions and places of worship easily while the short drive is not only a wonderful road trip but also prepares them for what lies ahead. Traveling with friends and family can be incredibly fun here, especially when the resort at the end of the journey is a lavish property where you can pamper yourself to the fullest.

 One of the best aspects of the Pagoda Centurion Resort is the great views from this property. From every spot in the resort, one can get mesmerizing eyefuls of the hills of Mussoorie and the pristine green valleys below. On some days, white clouds waft through the property, giving it a paradisiacal and picture-postcard feel. All in all, a wedding at this location will surely be an elegant affair that is sure to be the talk of town for some time to come. 

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