A Foodie’s Guide to Mussoorie Famous Food That You Must Try Eating

Mussoorie is a food lover’s paradise. From swanky fine dining restaurants to quaint momo stalls and chat corners, it is a dream come true for food lovers and gastronomical connoisseurs. The quality and taste of food here is exceptionally high and the sheer quantity of and diversity of the many restaurants, cafes, bars, delis, bakeries and food stalls is impressive to say the least.

The reason why Mussoorie is such a fertile feeding ground for foodies is manifold. To begin with, the local cuisine here is highly evolved due to historical reasons as well as the plethora of fresh produce and ingredients available here. Add to this a colonial culture that emphasizes fine dining, quality meals and stylish service and you already have a thick broth.

Best Restaurants and Local Cuisine in Mussorie

If that wasn’t enough, Mussoorie’s cuisine has been given a big boost by the many schools and colleges in the region. Students are famously thrifty and demanding with their lunch budgets and demand total satisfaction for their lunch rupee and time. This has forced restaurants and eateries to uphold incredibly high standards and maintain very reasonable prices.

Finally, add to this mix the large inflow of tourists and the development of Mussoorie as a full-blown tourist destination before you sample the food scene here. Today’s tourists have a lot of exposure when it comes to cuisines and restaurants. To do well or even survive, food establishments here must therefore aspire to a higher ideal.

The best food places in Mussoorie

While there are too any establishments of note here to describe or even name in a single blog, we will try to review some exceptional establishments that are not to be missed. Here is our extensive list of must-try places that will leave you spellbound with their tasty fare:

Kalsang Friends Corner – This is a good place to start our culinary voyage, as it is a longstanding landmark on Mall Road, the main high street of Mussoorie and the best place to visit for an amazing variety food options. The Kalsang Friends Corner serves authentic Tibetan and East Asian cuisine. They have a truly extensive menu that will sure appeal to the discerning noodler. The café is also well decorated in the Tibetan Style and has a charming and authentic ambience.ocal Cuisine in Mussoorie

Chick Chocolate – Popular amongst locals and students, Chick Chocolate is the quintessential chocolatier of Mussoorie. This is the place where students buy chocolates for their crushes and “tuck” for themselves during their stint at boarding schools in the area. Also located at the Mall Road, Chick Chocolate is always a great place to go for dessert after a meal or to pick up freshly made goodies like jujips or stick jaw toffee.

Neelam – This is a good place for north Indians and Punjabis. Known as the Punjabi hangout, Neelam serves traditional and robust Punjabi dishes that we all love. Its heaping buckets of butter chicken and dal makhni are amongst the most famous dishes in Mussoorie, along with Chole Bhatures, Naan and pickled pink onions. If you are feeling homesick and crave traditional North Indian food during your stay here, this is the place to go for a satiating and fulfilling meal.

Best Restaurants in Mussoorie

Doma – We will end our short survey of food places in Mussoorie with another Tibetan style noodle shop or noodle cottage that is famous in these parts. Dolma has been featured in many movies and has a filmy atmosphere along with great food and warm service. Regarded as one of the best restaurants in Mussoorie, they serve some amazing Chinese and Tibetan dishes that are filled to the brim with that authentic Tibetan flavor that you get in Mussoorie along with a great deserts menu.

Where to Stay in Mussoorie

If you are going to Mussoorie for a staycation or a foodcation, you should stay at a place that is centrally located and provides easy access to the many good restaurants and eateries here. One of the best resorts in Mussoorie that is strategically located on the food circuit is the Pagoda Centurion in Barlow Ganj, Mussoorie.

This is a modern and luxurious 4 star resort that provides wonderful views of the natural beauty of Mussoorie and also features comfortable rooms, great food and warm, traditional service. With an impressive buffet spread, its Centurion restaurant also features some excellent and wholesome delicacies that are not to be missed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What food is Mussoorie famous for?

Ans. Mussoorie is famous for momos, pizzas, milkshakes and much more. There are many amazing restaurants and eateries in Mussoorie that serve an wide variety of great food including north Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, western and Italian cuisines.

Q2.Which is famous restaurant in Mussoorie?

Ans. There are many famous restaurants in Mussoorie. Perhaps the most famous is Dolma, which has been featured in many movies and serves amazing Chinese and Tibetan dishes.

Q3.Where I should try eating famous cuisines of Mussoorie?

Ans. One of the best places to try Mussoorie’s famous cuisines is Mall Road. This is the main road or high street of Mussoorie and features many great restaurants that showcase the best of Mussoorie’s cuisines.


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