Discover Best Places to visit near Dehradun

Dehradun is a wonderful city with a number of interesting places to visit nearby. It is like a base camp for many beautiful hill stations that you can get to quickly and easily, including Mussoorie. Let’s take a closer look at Mussoorie and all that it has to offer for residents of Dehradun and anyone else travelling in this region. We will examine ways to organize the trip, how to get there, what to do and where to stay.


Mussoorie is the quintessential hill station and has been a popular choice for travellers, vacationers and students alike since India became independent. In this veritable wonderland, one can fully enjoy all those wonderful experiences that hill stations are famous for without going so deep into the mountains that the cold weather becomes an inconvenience or a threat. If you have never been to Mussoorie, you should plan a trip at the earliest.

In the pleasant climes of Mussoorie, one gets a glimpse of the legendary scenic beauty of the Himalayas and sees slivers of the Hill Station experience that was carefully crafted by officers and functionaries of the British Raj. With expert planning and precision execution, the British engineered a mountain city that was easy to access, convenient to cover and fun to visit.

Place to visit near Dehradun

Travelling to Mussoorie is very easy and quick, especially if you are coming from Dehradun. The drive takes only about an hour and a half and the way is dotted with interesting sojourns. If you leave early in the morning, you can get there even faster and spend the first half of the day gauging the destination and deciding upon a good resort. You can also visit the Mall Road for a walk and a hearty brunch, all before checking in.

What you will find in Mussoorie is a quaint and charming resort town built along the lines of British and European tourist cities. The streets are well laid out with roundabouts and old-fashioned street lighting while houses and hotels are built in clearly demarcated areas using hillside construction techniques. For tourists from big cities, the entire place feels like a toy town that is fun to explore and see.

Long considered the best resort town in India, Mussoorie is famous for its schools, restaurants, bakeries and tourist attractions. For nature lovers, there are a number of interesting streams, waterfalls and lookout points nearby that give you the full mountainside feeling. The Mall Road is the main road here and provides a convenient gathering place for people to shop and socialize.

There are also some well-known landmarks in Mussoorie that you should visit if you have not seen them before. These include St Mary’s Church, Lal Tibba, Sir George Everest’s House, Kempty FallHappy Valley, Nag Devta’s Temple and much more. Nearby, there is a place called Van Chetna Kendra, which is a protected sanctuary for rare birds such as the Mountain Quail.

place to visit in Mussoorie

Besides these standard attractions, Mussoorie also offers ample opportunity for adventure. For the active traveller, there are many guides and tour companies that organize adventure sports such as Trekking, Mountain Climbing, Horse Riding, Paragliding, Boating, Camping, White Water Rafting and more. Many of these activities are centered near Mussoorie Lake, located about 15 Kms. away.

Where to stay

While there are many hotels and resorts in Mussoorie, one of the newest and most exciting properties here is the Pagoda Centurion. This is a stylish and lavish resort built at the edge of the township for easy access to a myriad of tourist spots and important landmarks. Its location also allows unfettered views of the mountainside and the valley below, making a stay here a true pleasure.

The Pagoda Centurion has an impressive campus with abundant greenery, luxury rooms and a great outdoor café. The Hotel is rated as a 4-star property but many aspects and services feel like 7-star experiences. The professional and well-trained staff makes this a reliable and dependable place to stay if you decide to come to Mussoorie at the last minute. You can depart Dehradun without worries, knowing that you will be well looked after.

best place to stay in Mussoorie

The restaurant at the Pagoda Centurion is called Café Ridge and bears special mention. The food here is very healthy and wholesome and appears to be made from fresh ingredients obtained from local farms and orchards. The food is also expertly cooked with an eye for traditional north Indian cooking styles, which makes visitors fee at home. The restaurant hosts a lavish breakfast spread and also gives guests the option of in-room dining.

If you are coming to Mussoorie from Dehradun, the Pagoda Centurion is the best pace to stay. You can easily book a room here through intermediaries like and but for the best rates and special discounts, it is advisable to contact the hotel directly. Depending on your needs and requirements, the hotel has several room categories, one of which is sure to make your trip perfect in every way.






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