Tourist places near Dehradun within 50 km

If you are looking for good tourist places near Dehradun within a 50 Km radius, Mussoorie is the ideal destination. Almost a twin city to Dehradun, Mussoorie is located only about 35 Kms. from Dehradun but sits at an elevation of 2000 m. or 6500 ft. at the foothills of the famous Garhwal Mountain Range. From Dehradun, it is very easy to travel to Mussoorie.

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The driving time between the two cities is only about an hour and a half but can vary depending on traffic and weather conditions. It takes this long to cover only 35 Kms. because the road here is winding and narrow, making progress slow but providing some great views and an enchanting drive. This road is heavily traversed because Mussoorie does not have a train station or airport and most people come here via Dehradun.

What to do in Mussoorie

There are a number of great tourist places in Mussoorie that make spending a week here easy and fun. Regardless of your area of interest, Mussoorie has plenty of activities and tourist attractions that will captivate your interest and tickle your curiosity. In this small town, you will see historical monuments, natural formations, shopping areas, adventure sports and more. Let’s take a look at some of the best and most famous tourist places in Mussoorie:

Dhanaulti: A beautiful hill station located about 25 Kms. from Mussoorie, Dhanaulti offers a pristine landscape and wonderful views of the Doon Valley and the Garhwal Mountain range. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful place to visit near Mussoorie and spend time with nature, this is it.

Municipal Garden: A pretty garden with a small man made lake, which has quaint paddleboats, this spot is a favorite for young people and couples. It is about 4 Kms away from Mussoorie by road but can also be reached by a 2 Km trek called the Waverly Convent School Road.

Mussoorie Lake: A beautiful water body where one can go boating, picnicking, trekking and much more. At the edge of this lake, there are also many tour companies that will help you with adventure sports such as paragliding, whitewater rafting and more.

Kempty Falls: a famous waterfall located near Mussoorie, Kempty Falls allows visitors to bathe in spring water and enjoy the lush green surroundings of this scenic spot. The name derives from an old phrase used by the British to describe this point. They called it “Camp Tea” which later became “Kempty Falls.

place to visit in Mussoorie

Happy Valley: If you are interested in Buddhism and Tibetan culture, you will love Happy Valley. Settled and populated by followers of the Dalai Lama, Happy Valley has Tibetan Sanctuaries, beautiful gardens and unique structures made in the Tibetan style. A must visit place for tourists looking to imbibe the distinctly peaceful and spiritual vibes that can be felt here.

Sir George Everest’s House: The man after whom Mt. Everest is named used to live in Mussoorie and his house is still there. It has now been converted into a tourist attraction where you can roam around the beautiful estate and also learn more about this extraordinary mountaineer and his exploits.

Nag Devta Temple: This is an ancient temple dedicated to lord Siva that was once the spiritual hub for Hindus in the area. Today, visitors can offer prayers, learn about its history and get some great views from here. Interestingly, the temple is dedicated to the snake god Shiva and is located about 6 Kms away from Mussoorie on Cart Mackenzie Road.

Cloud End: This is a scenic place near Mussoorie that became popular as a destination for school trips. The area is surrounded by thick forests and has a charming bungalow that was built all the way back in 1835 and has now been converted into a restaurant and a hotel. On some days, clouds waft over this patch of land, giving it an ethereal, idyllic look and feel.

Where to stay

One of the best places to stay in Mussoorie is the Pagoda Centurion resort at Barlowganj. This is an impressive and luxurious resort that opened up recently and has since been getting rave reviews. The resort is located at a strategic spot to give guests incredible views while providing top-notch service and lavish rooms for an extraordinary travel experience.

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From the comfort and luxury of Pagoda Centurion, you can take day trips to visit all the amazing tourist destinations in the area including nearby hill stations such as Dhanaulti. From here, one can also easily access the adventure sports center located on the edge of Mussoorie Lake, which is only about 4.5 Kms away and takes less than 10 minutes to reach by car or taxi. For tourists from Dehradun, it is the ideal place to stay.








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